Fitting service

Our on-site tailor can alter and adjust many items to ensure the perfect fit for you. From a simple leg shorten (the trousers, that is) to a reduction of shoulders on a jacket, we can make sure whatever you purchase from us will be fitted perfectly when it leaves the shop with you.

Home visits

If you struggle to call at the shop, we can arrange a visit to your home within a 10 mile radius and bring some of the shop to you! Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll come and see you. We can offer advice on styles and fabrics, make sure the fit is correct, and all without leaving your armchair!

Personal service

The big one: we pride ourselves on our customer service. All our friendly staff have extensive knowledge of the brands we sell and know the products inside out. The length of a sleeve, the fit you’re looking for in a shirt, the shape of a jacket: helping our customers - it’s what we do best.

As an independent family-run store, our business relies on your satisfaction and return visits. That’s how we stand out from the crowd of faceless retailing offered by so many shops and online stores.